- Every other day, give your bag a brisk sweep with a soft dry cloth this won't take more than a few minutes, but will go miles towards preserving the appearance of your leather.  

-To prevent flaking and wrinkling, dab a dollop of conditioner on a soft cloth and rub gently all over the product.  Condition monthly to keep your leather looking shiny.

-Stash your bag in its original NL bag and fill it with stuffing to maintain its shape. Use butter paper, never newspaper, which will smear. 

-Let water spills dry naturally. High-heat measures like using a hairdryer will only cause the skin to crinkle beyond salvage.

-Prevent color transfer by consciously resisting the urge to rest your bag against your jeans. 

-Prevent washing your product on the washing machine. Our products are not designed to be washed or cleaned with chemical products as they will harm permanently the natural composition of the leather.

Leather Care

Manipulate the leather with clean hands. Keep the leather hydrated at least 1 or 2 times a year. Protect the leather from prolonged exposure to sunlight and ultraviolet light as it can discolor your product

Moisten a clean cloth with water and apply it gently to the dirty spots. To maintain the natural leather shine, apply 'Bamboo Lotion,' available at NORA LOZZA stores.

Clean the product with a dry cloth and apply 'shoe cream' and 'waterproof spray,' both available at NORA LOZZA stores. This type of leather is prone to scratches and requires proper care. Apply the 'waterproof spray' from a distance of 20 cm to prevent damage and dryness on the leather.

Do not add water or any other liquids. Brush the surface with a clean and dry brush in one direction. You may also use a suede bar to remove dust or dirt. Avoid contact with jeans to prevent color transfer. Regularly apply 'waterproof spray' and/or 'leather intensifier,' both available at NORA LOZZA stores.



-Avoid splashing your product with water or chemicals, as these can damage its appearance and compromise the material's integrity.

- Any scratches or severe impacts can leave marks and potentially break the wood.

-Steer clear of heat and direct sunlight, as exposure to these elements can harm the cellulose in the material, causing it to lose its original color.


- Avoid exposing the product to sand (beach), high heat sources, sea water, swimming pools and/or rain. This will cause the leather to lose its color and texture. Leather footwear and bags are NOT suitable for use under these conditions.

- Store your product clean and in the NORA LOZZA protective bag in a dry and cool place, in order to avoid stains, or rubbing against other surfaces that may migrate color to your leather product. Do not put weight on it.


- Clean your jewelry with a dry cloth.

-Avoid contact with soap, antibacterial, alcohol or any other corrosive liquids that may cause discoloration or oxidation.

- Avoid wearing the product in humid areas such as jacuzzi, pool, or sauna.